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Knitting cruise notes: from Toronto to Buenos Aires February 10, 2017

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In Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Lucy had a long time to wait for her next flight. She was traveling with a friend and neighbor, Heather, who was also going to be Lucy’s roommate on the cruise. Thanks to smart-phone magic, they were able to hook up with some other friends that had arrived at Pearson from Victoria (B.C.), as well as some new friends (but old hands at craft-cruising) Heather and Ron from Winnipeg.  All of them were looking forward to the same very long overnight flight to Santiago, Chile.

One of Lucy’s favourite things about Pearson Airport is Davids tea, where she always picks up a good cup of tea to make the airport experience a bit classier. The tale is, having this day procured the all-important tea, she headed off to rendezvous with long-time friends Bonnie and Rob, and in the flailing of arms in happy greeting in the International Departures area, the tea took a direct hit and merrily went airborne to continue on its previous trajectory.  Oops.



Beautiful bird mobile in Santiago’s new airport building


In Santiago, they all had to disembark and go through customs and security, after which they were returned to the same plane, same seats, to carry on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lucy’s Addi Turbo interchangeable needles caused a flurry of anxiety at security, but once the obviously innocent knitting came out, all was calm again. It all would have gone a little easier had she spoken any Spanish! The new Santiago airport had many local crafts on display, including the bird mobile shown above. Watching the birds move with air currents would be quite relaxing, I think.



Leaving Santiago, Chile. Guess what mountains are looming on the horizon…


The Andes were quite a spectacular sight from the plane, and the travelers were lucky to make this flight during the daytime. I have been reading about some of Alexander von Humboldt’s narratives of his treks through these mountains back in the 18th Century in the wonderful book The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World by Andrea Wulf.  I highly recommend it for armchair explorers. His accounts of climbing in the Andes are riveting; however, putting my life at risk every few hours is not an activity that appeals to me.



The Andes as seen from an airplane are lovely: steep, craggy, and iced with snow caps.


After landing in Buenos Aires, the knitting cruisers were picked up at the airport and driven into the city. It must have been interesting to enter what looks very much like an old European city but has the heat and humidity of a tropical environment.


Hot and steamy Buenos Aires — can you spot Evita?

Coming next: All aboard!


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