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Digital product info February 18, 2011

Welcome, and special thanks, to all of you who have bought a digital pattern, a .pdf of my  books, Cool Knitters Finish in Style and Cool Socks, Warm Feet or downloads of my Learn With Lucy series.   My team at Tradewinds and I aim to bring you top quality products and greatly appreciate your patronage. We do it for you!

I’d like to briefly let you know about our popular Learn With Lucy Subscription service and also to invite you to subscribe to my occasional Spun Yarn newsletter.

The Learn with Lucy Subscription is designed to give knitters an easy way to complete their collection with monthly or bi-monthly instalments of my instructional knitting titles.  The DVD versions of  are delivered right to your mailbox, and if you choose the video downloads, they are automatically added to your Notebook at lucyneatby.com! There is plenty of time to watch, digest and use these skills as you wait for the next delivery. This collection of titles is my way of helping knitters build a wide-ranging library of knitting techniques, all at your fingertips.

Let us know which discs you would like to collect and we’ll take care of the rest.
Please also check out our Learn with Lucy group on Ravelry.

There is a handy printable DVD booklet with a detailed index of each title’s chapters and topics that you can print out and peruse. A great tip from a customer is to cut out the index of a given title and slip it into the back of your DVD cover. This makes it quicker to find out which DVD has the exact technique you are looking for, whilst working on a project.

Please consider signing up for Spun Yarn, my free e-newsletter.  Spun Yarn is sent out only a few times a year with stories and photos of my travels, knitting tips and special promotions just for subscribers. To sign up, simply send an email to: webmaster@lucyneatby.com and enjoy the convenience of having all the latest news and promotions arrive in your email inbox.

Also now available is a printable document which lists all of our available patterns, their prices and their digital status.  Lucy Neatby pattern wishlist

Thanks and Happy Stitches,

PS – You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry, Pinterest and Google+.


5 Responses to “Digital product info”

  1. Barbara Allen Says:

    Dear Lucy,

    I am a avid knitter here in New Zealand and a group of us from the Christchurch Guild of Weavers and spinners are extremely keen to purchase copies Finnesse 1 and 2. Unfortunately Amazon have classified them differently to other DVD’s of yours and will not send them to NZ. Can you please let us know of any options available for us to purchase.
    Kind regards
    Barbara Allen

    • That’s interesting! I still don’t yet understand Amazon – but we’d be happy to mail to NZ (or anywhere for that matter) please order directly from LucyNeatby.com and we’ll take care of it for you. Thanks so much for your support of my DVDs! I am looking into making them available as a download option but this may take a while yet and I’m sure a guild library would prefer a physical disc.

  2. David T. Wolf Says:

    This is Frosty the sew man. I want you to make a new DVD.I have all of your DVDs, as you know. But, you need to make one more. It would be so cool if you made one on “BRIOCHE”. Nancy Marchant’s book on Brioche knitting is perfect. But, watching it being done in front of your eyes is a lot better. You make a brief mention of brioche in one of your DVDs. You probably dont want to make more DVDS. But, it would be great to see a good one on the subject!!!

    • Would certainly consider this – however I think it would be even better if Nancy Marchant would do it. I regard this as her domain! Pictures really are worth a lot of words. Congrats on setting up your Notebook on our website. Happy stitches.

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