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My YouTube Channel June 5, 2017

Here you’ll find a variety of free YouTube tutorials, in which I demonstrate techniques of all kinds: from basic tips to challenging tricks!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you’ll receive updates every time I add a new video. Below is a list of the free videos that I have available at YouTube now:


Navajo Knitting

Yarn-Over at the Start of a Row

Yarn-Over at the Start of a Row Before a Purl Stitch

Getting to Know Your Australian Cousins!

Setting In a Thumb on a DK Mitten

Perfect Graft of I-Cord Edged Garter Stitch

Knitting Up New Stitches

I-Cord Trimmed Stripped Intarsia Band

Sea Lettuce Scarf, the Beginning

Stuffing a DK Fabric

Lighthouse Bag – Finishing Details

Reverse Stocking Stitch Double Knitting

Joining and Neatening Yarn Tails In the Round

Making An I-Cord Fringe Cast-On

Working From the Right Needle to the Left

I-Cord Modified Start to the Falling Leaves Scarf

Tubular Cast-On and Incorporating I-Cords

I-Cord-Edged Double-Knitting

Side of Row Picots and A Short Row

Falling Leaves Scarf – Right and Left Increases

Modified Bind-Off Knit-Wise and Slip-Sliding Stitches

Falling Leaves – Rows 17 and 18 – M1 Increases

Simulated Knit-In-The-Round DK Swatching Technique

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 1: The Basics

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 2

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 3

Threading Stitches In Double Knitting

No-Sew Knitted Pocket Tops

Hand-Felting a Knitted Bag with Lucy Neatby

Knitting On the Wild Side 2012

Modified Conventional Bind-Off

Making A Felted Button

Season’s Tractor Greetings

Neatly Joining Ribs Head-To-Head

Long-Tail Cast-On – Tricks and Tips

Slipping Stitches Fast and Easy

Neatening A Circular Bound-Off Edge

Adjusting A Bound-Off Edge

Triple-Strand Knitting

Perfect and Imperfect Grafting – Part One

Perfect and Imperfect Grafting –  Part Two

Slanting Increases and How to Count Them

Cable Fun – Part One

Cable Fun – Part Two

Cable Fun – Part Three

Cable Fun – Part Four

Casting On In the Round – Part 1:DPNs

Casting On In the Round – Part Two: Two Circular Needles

Casting On In the Round – Part Three: One Long Circular Needle

Underarm Grafting – Part One

Underarm Grafting – Part Two

Moving And Restoring Increases

Tubular Cast-On In One Colour

Tubular Bind-Off and Darning Ends In Double-Layer Knitting

An Introduction to Lucy’s Double-Knitting Club

Undetectable Moving the Start-of-Round Position in Double Knitting

Estimate YOUR Yarn Requirements for a Project

Knitting Rescues One – Replacing the Lower Edge

Knitting Rescues Two – Fixing Accidental Yarn-Over Holes

Counting Sleeve Increases

Flying Swallows Stitch

Fixing Common Double-Knit Errors

Winter Sea to Knit By

Slip-Knots, Knit and Cable Cast-Ons – Part One

Slip-Knots, Knit and Cable Cast-Ons – Part Two

Using A Running Yarn Marker

Matching Tubular Cast-On and Bound-Off Edges

Alternative Use for DPNS and a DK Bind-Off Method – Part One

Circular Tubular DK CO

Adventure Knitting Isles de la Madeleine

How I Hold My Yarn!

A Perfect Join for a Rib

Knitting With Two Yarns Together

The Sock-Toe Chimney

Narrowboating the Llangollen Canal

Puntas Four-Stitch Balanced Decrease

Fixing a Missing Double Increase On One Side

Easy Middle-Out Cast-On for 4 – 8 Stitches

Waste-Yarn Wraps

Bi-Coloured Cast-On

Hand-Felting a Serendipity DK Slipper

Solving Sock Heel-Flap Holes