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My YouTube Channel June 5, 2017

Here you’ll find a variety of free YouTube tutorials, in which I demonstrate techniques of all kinds: from basic tips to challenging tricks!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you’ll receive updates every time I add a new video. Below is a list of the free videos that I have available at YouTube now:

Yarn-Over at the Start of a Row

Yarn-Over at the Start of a Row Before a Purl Stitch

Getting to Know Your Australian Cousins!

Setting In a Thumb on a DK Mitten

Perfect Graft of I-Cord Edged Garter Stitch

Knitting Up New Stitches

I-Cord Trimmed Stripped Intarsia Band

Sea Lettuce Scarf, the Beginning

Stuffing a DK Fabric

Lighthouse Bag – Finishing Details

Reverse Stocking Stitch Double Knitting

Joining and Neatening Yarn Tails In the Round

Making An I-Cord Fringe Cast-On

Working From the Right Needle to the Left

I-Cord Modified Start to the Falling Leaves Scarf

Tubular Cast-On and Incorporating I-Cords

I-Cord-Edged Double-Knitting

Side of Row Picots and A Short Row

Falling Leaves Scarf – Right and Left Increases

Modified Bind-Off Knit-Wise and Slip-Sliding Stitches

Falling Leaves – Rows 17 and 18 – M1 Increases

Simulated Knit-In-The-Round DK Swatching Technique

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 1: The Basics

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 2

Provisional Crochet Cast-On – Part 3

Threading Stitches In Double Knitting

No-Sew Knitted Pocket Tops

Hand-Felting a Knitted Bag with Lucy Neatby

Knitting On the Wild Side 2012

Modified Conventional Bind-Off

Making A Felted Button

Season’s Tractor Greetings

Neatly Joining Ribs Head-To-Head

Long-Tail Cast-On – Tricks and Tips

Slipping Stitches Fast and Easy

Neatening A Circular Bound-Off Edge

Adjusting A Bound-Off Edge

Triple-Strand Knitting

Perfect and Imperfect Grafting – Part One

Perfect and Imperfect Grafting –  Part Two

Slanting Increases and How to Count Them

Cable Fun – Part One

Cable Fun – Part Two

Cable Fun – Part Three

Cable Fun – Part Four

Casting On In the Round – Part 1:DPNs

Casting On In the Round – Part Two: Two Circular Needles

Casting On In the Round – Part Three: One Long Circular Needle

Underarm Grafting – Part One

Underarm Grafting – Part Two

Moving And Restoring Increases

Tubular Cast-On In One Colour

Tubular Bind-Off and Darning Ends In Double-Layer Knitting

An Introduction to Lucy’s Double-Knitting Club

Undetectable Moving the Start-of-Round Position in Double Knitting

Estimate YOUR Yarn Requirements for a Project

Knitting Rescues One – Replacing the Lower Edge

Knitting Rescues Two – Fixing Accidental Yarn-Over Holes

Counting Sleeve Increases

Flying Swallows Stitch

Fixing Common Double-Knit Errors

Winter Sea to Knit By

Slip-Knots, Knit and Cable Cast-Ons – Part One

Slip-Knots, Knit and Cable Cast-Ons – Part Two

Using A Running Yarn Marker

Matching Tubular Cast-On and Bound-Off Edges

Alternative Use for DPNS and a DK Bind-Off Method – Part One

Circular Tubular DK CO

Adventure Knitting Isles de la Madeleine

How I Hold My Yarn!

A Perfect Join for a Rib

Knitting With Two Yarns Together

The Sock-Toe Chimney

Narrowboating the Llangollen Canal

Puntas Four-Stitch Balanced Decrease

Fixing a Missing Double Increase On One Side

Easy Middle-Out Cast-On for 4 – 8 Stitches

Waste-Yarn Wraps

Bi-Coloured Cast-On

Hand-Felting a Serendipity DK Slipper

Solving Sock Heel-Flap Holes

Circular Tubular Cast-On, Part One

Circular Tubular Cast-On, Part Two

Circular Tubular Cast-On, Part Three

Alternative Cast-On for Middle-Out Double Knitting

Fixing Multi-Row Mistakes in Double Knitting, Part One

Fixing Multi-Row Mistakes in Double Knitting, Part Two

Reverse Stocking Stitch in Double Knitting

Perfect Join in Patterned Fabric, Part One

Perfect Join in Patterned Fabric, Part Two

Three Methods for Bi-Coloured Bind-Off in Circular DK

Double Layer Single Decreases

Repairing a Hole in Finished Knitting

Replacing a Mitten Cuff – Part One

Replacing a Mitten Cuff – Part Two

Double Knit Single Yarn Tubes

Neatening Two YarnTails At Once

Perfect Garter Stitch Join

Knitting Up New Stitches

Seaming the Brim: making of a regular sewn seam to neatly join a circle of knitting

Shortening a Knitted Fabric

Knitting a Decorative Dangling Bobble

Finishing and Attaching Your Bobbles

Weaving in Yarn Tails as You Go

Darned Balance Mid-Row Join

No-Bulk Applied Edge

Circular Cast-On Edges-Tips and Tricks

Correcting a Mistake in Double Knitting 

Placing Yarn Markers and Setting Up Motifs

Horizontal Magic Buttonhole

Decrease Tricks

Placing Decreases Between Random Motifs

Creating Garter Ridges

Three-Colour Double Knitting

Using Repeat Markers to Set up a Pattern

Fusing a Faced Sock Cuff

The Big Rip!

Fixing a Pulled Thread

Hurricane Hat – Icord Start and Rounds 2&3

Hurricane Hat – Making Double Increases

Threading Layers into Reverse Stocking Stitch

Hurricane Hat – Yarn Markers and their Uses

Hurricane Hat – Modified Bind-off and Neatening

Expanding a Rib with an M1 Increase

Reverse Stocking Stitch Double Knitting

Mitten Adventure 1 – Casting On

Mitten Adventure 2 – Informal Swatching

Mitten Adventure 3 – Colour Changes, Darning in Ends and thinking about the Thumb

Mitten Adventure 4 – Neatening the Cast-On Tails

Mitten Adventure 5 – Pattern Planning

Mitten Adventure 6 – Thumb Gusset and Increases

Mitten Adventure 7 – Onwards!

Mitten Adventure 8 – Decreasing Thumb Gusset Stitches

Mitten Adventure 9 – Charts and Patterning

Mitten Adventure 10 – Making Paired Shapings for the Mitten Tip

Mitten Adventure 11 –  Grafting the tops and neatening the Corners

Waste Yarn Cast-On for a neat Hat Top – Ugly to be Beautiful

Mitten Adventure 12 – Completing the Thumb Tip Decreases

Mitten Adventure 13 – Closing Gaps and Disguising Mistakes!

Double Decreases in Double Knitting

Make 1 Increases With and Without Twists

Bi-colour Knit-Purl DK Cast-On in Pattern

Glove Fingers Made Easy with Lucy Neatby