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Happy Holiday Greetings! December 24, 2014

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Tradewind Knitwear Designs!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Tradewind Knitwear Designs!


Christmas Greetings from an unseasonably warm and damp  Nova Scotia!  There isn’t even a hint of ice on the lake.  As a matter of fact, if it gets much soggier, we’ll have to dig Hermione The Tractor out of the front lawn!

I’m so fortunate that our house is full of grown children, I count my blessings every time we are all gathered together.  My son was lucky to dodge some nasty weather in the far North and got a flight out of mine camp in time to join the festivities. My younger daughter is home for the holidays, as well, and we will all be under the same roof come Christmas Day.

Just before the Family Invasion and in the nick of time, I’ve drafted out the final rows of the Blossom pattern.  Now I’ll have plenty of social knitting!   I’m looking forward to sharing these next steps with my Blossom PIP Club, once they are finalized.

I hope this note finds you well, warm and in good company, with ample supplies of yarn to see you into a New Knitting Year!  Many thanks for your continued support of the Tradewinds Team!

Lucy, Stephanie, Susan, Corrie and Diane




Happy December! December 1, 2014

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This year's Christmas Tractor has arrived!

This year’s Christmas Tractor has arrived!

We enjoyed a lovely Open House for our local knitters on Saturday afternoon.  I was happy to see some familiar faces, and loved meeting several new-to-me knitterly friends.  All in all, a huge success: the BOGO sales were enthusiastically embraced, Holly’s cookies greatly appreciated and many of us took the time for a bit of knitting around the kitchen table.

Farmall Super H


John had started decorating the Christmas Tractor, which was greatly admired by all.


We didn’t forget our Online Knitting Community and, with all of you in mind, have baked up a few low-cal Holiday treats at the website, as well!

From now until December 14, check out our Holiday Sales Bundles!  Most of these include two of my “Learn with Lucy” titles at 40% off  paired with an appropriate free pattern.  We’ve also included an eBook special, featuring my three digital titles: Cool Socks Warm Feet, Cool Knitters Finish in Style and A Little Book of BIG Holes for HandKnitters!

The Clearance Section is filling up with BOGO yarns, knitting needles and jewelry.  They’re going fast and we’ll be adding more products throughout the month. (Please remember that the items added later in the month may require express shipping if they are to arrive in time for the Holidays!)

Fiesta Stocking

a beautiful Fiesta Stocking knit by Susan, using our locally dyed BFL Aran yarns


And finally, I’ve introduced a new Sale Concept this year: my Online Advent Calendar will feature one of my downloadable products every day between now and December 24th.  Please note that each Daily Advent Calendar Deal will be available for 24 hours only, so check the Newsbox often.  To start the month off right, today’s item is my Fiesta Stocking pattern: you’ll have plenty of time to knit one before Christmas if you start now!

Wishing a Happy Start to the Festivities to you and yours! I’m looking forward to a busy month preparing for family visits and all of the Holiday excitement.  The countdown has begun!


PS Poseidon the cat will be choosing a winner of Holli Yeoh‘s new Tempest Knits book later this week.


Lucy’s Circular Needle Storage System April 16, 2013

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Finished Needle Case

Finished Needle Case – with all my needles accommodated.

Would you like to store your circular needles in something other than a heap? Make your own needle tidy! Here is a basic outline of the construction of my new storage system for my regular circular needles, something very dear to me, as I have more than a few circulars! Please feel free to make your own.

The needles are hung uncoiled, so you don’t have to steam the flexes. What I am enjoying about this hanger is that I can easily see how many of each kind of needle I have, and in which different lengths. It is an easy project to construct.
All measurements given are entirely adjustable. Overall Dimensions 13” x 28”
Make an estimate of the number of needle sizes you own (or hope to own). If your collection is less than two years old, multiply by 10.
I have 17 slots, which began at 1 1/8” for the smaller sizes, gradually becoming larger further down. You should plan for 17 – 20 slots; that would cover most needs. Calculate the length of fabric you will need (27”).
Sew 4 tubes of fabric so that when flattened out they measure approximately 4”, 8”, 12”, 13” in width respectively. I used tubes of fabric rather than hemming the edges to avoid having seams to catch the needles on whilst you are threading them through the openings.
Stack the tubes on top of each other, with the narrowest on top. Adjust the positions of the seams in each tube so none of them stack on top of one another (for ease of sewing). Pay special attention to the arrangement of the fabric pattern on the top tube as this the one you will see most clearly.
Pin the layers securely. Sew the top and bottom edges with a small seam. Mark the pocket sewing lines with chalk or vanishing marker. Sew the needle slots making sure to double stitch at the beginning and end of each seam. A walking foot or a lot of pins helps to stop the fabrics from slipping.
Sew contrasting fabric on the upper and lower edges. Allow room for a hanging pocket at the top edge, if desired. If you want to hang the needle case from a coat hanger be sure to put the hanger through the upper binding before closing it!


Four different needle hangers, one for each length and one for the extra sizes!

When filling my needle slots, I marked the needle size on the pockets with a temporary marker so that I could shuffle things around once I truly knew what needle sizes I had!
Enjoy. Now that you know exactly what needles you have, you’ll probably need to invest in a few more!

Shows all the lengths you have in each size.

Shows all the lengths you have in each size.



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